Focused on the user

Network intelligently: mill and turn more efficiently with Connected Machining

Uniformly digital networked production is also topic number one at AMB 2018, with HEIDENHAIN placing special emphasis on the user in the shop. 

The Connected Machining package of functions places the user at the center of digital job management via the control.

Connected Machining in practice

  • View PDF, CAD, and image files directly on the control. All you need is a simple Ethernet connection to your HEIDENHAIN control. The required viewers are already included in the control’s standard features. 
  • Send and receive e-mails, or use applications and data in the network—all directly from the control. The REMOTE DESKTOP MANAGER makes it easy and convenient to switch from the control’s screen to a Windows PC interface. 
  • Always maintain an overview of the status of your machine tools and jobs. The StateMonitor software provides a real-time view of your connected machines and increases the transparency of your processes. 
  • Is your production process running faster than anticipated? Then your ERP and production-activity control systems need to be informed so that logistics, for example, can be adapted as needed. Over the HEIDENHAIN DNC interface, you can integrate the control with these areas of your networked production environment as well.

New at AMB: Extended Workspace Compact

Right next to the screen of your HEIDENHAIN control, Extended Workspace displays all of the information and applications you need. As of AMB, it will be available in two variants:

  • On a 24” widescreen monitor, Extended Workspace Compact is a new page area. It provides a view of additional information directly next to the normal view of the control’s screen.
  • Extended Workspace Comfort is the new name for the familiar solution with an additional monitor beside or above the actual control screen.

With both solutions you work within the network without losing sight of the machining process.

The advantages of Connected Machining

Connected machining connects HEIDENHAIN controls to all production-related areas of your company and features the following characteristics: 

  • Individual adaptation to already existing structures
  • Openness for future requirements and developments

You benefit from the following:

  • Work made simpler thanks to the easy utilization of data
  • Time-saving workflows
  • Lean, transparent processes
  • Increased productivity

Don’t miss our live demonstrations

10:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.

“Milling: Versatile machining with the TNC 640 through high-performance technologies”

11:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.

“Turning: Complex machining operations at the push of a button with the CNC PILOT 640”

To help you avoid missing the presentations you would like to attend, we have set up a text-message reminder service for you. You will receive a text message thirty minutes prior to the start of your chosen live demonstrations, allowing you enough time to reach the HEIDENHAIN booth (2D03 in Hall 2) through all the hustle and bustle of the trade show.

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Hidden defenders; the new sensor box for intelligent motor protection

Torque motors are at considerable risk of overheating when their windings are subject to asymmetric current distribution. In certain machining situations, the temperature of a single winding can skyrocket so suddenly that conventional monitoring systems are unable to react quickly enough. The EIB 5200 sensor box detects these temperature spikes with great speed.

Skiving; a shop trend

Skiving is the current trend when it comes to the machining of internal gear teeth. The new gear skiving cycle for the TNC 640 greatly simplifies the programming of the complex processes involved.

What’s more, the gear skiving cycle doesn’t come alone. Joining it are the new shop-oriented functions for hobbing and defining the gear teeth.

The new gear-machining cycles at a glance:

  • Gear skiving
  • Gear hobbing
  • Define gear

Your benefits:

  • Ease of programming
  • Efficient machining in milling and turning mode
  • Lift-off protection feature

More information

Kickoff at AMB 2018: The new Partner Automation program

HEIDENHAIN controls fulfill all prerequisites for providing flexible automation solutions in production processes. In addition to the many years of activities in the automation technology business together with numerous machine tool manufacturers, HEIDENHAIN is therefore now offering its own program for automation partners, including an on-line platform.


HEIDENHAIN Partner Automation stands for solutions with smooth cooperation between machine tools and robots, pallet systems, and other automation tasks. Companies planning on automating their production processes can find qualified partners and interesting sample solutions to their projects on the on-line platform, where they can also submit project inquiries.

To the HEIDENHAIN Partner Automation on-line platform

Become informed in a relaxed atmosphere: welcome to the TNC Club Lounge!

The TNC Club Lounge from HEIDENHAIN is the meeting place for all TNC users who are keen on gaining exclusive advanced knowledge and exchanging ideas with other experts. It’s also a great place to relax from the hustle and bustle of the trade fair.

Click here to find out more about what to expect at the TNC Club Lounge at AMB

Apprentices hit the gas

Recruitment concerns are plaguing the machine-building industry, including small, family-owned operations all the way to large international corporations. At big trade shows, the Special Show for Young People is fighting this trend by motivating students to pursue apprenticeships in this field.

The apprentice training programs at HERMLE and HEIDENHAIN, as well as the Feintechnikschule Schwenningen (FTS) vocational school, have a special idea for AMB: they will be demonstrating the complete design and production process of a Formula 1 model race car.

Here is an outline of the entire project in photographs